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 The SoccerPro Training Device 
For detailed information please visit our website at
Learning how to play soccer
The Electronic SoccerPro Training Device
Electronic SoccerPro on Show

The new The Soccer Pro training and teaching aid will dramatically improve your footwork skills: it’s like having your own personal soccer coach...right on your foot!


How does it work?
A sensor on The Soccer Pro detects proper contact with the ball and provides instant feedback via lights and sounds.

  • Beginners learn proper techniques
  • Mid-level players polish their skills
  • Advanced players perfect their game
  • Proven results
  • And it’s fun and easy to use

Improve your game, develop skills, become a better player and perform like a Pro! For detailed information please visit our website at

A soccer skill, like dribbling, consists of moving the ball with both feet while retaining control and proximity to the ball. While this soccer drill is difficult  for younger players, the introduction of The Soccer Pro will pay off in the long run.

Depending on the players' age and attention span, have the player focus on other players on the field rather than the ball. A player will be able to hear the audible sensors of The Soccer Pro when the soccer ball makes proper contact with their soccer shoes. The Soccer Pro will should eventually help the soccer player develop a comfort for where the ball is without looking down. This allows them to spot both teammates and opponents and avoid losing control. Soccer player can improve their soccer skills with simply soccer drills at home or in the park.

In January 2003 The Soccer Pro was introduced at the National Soccer Coaches Association show to over 1000 coaches. The Soccer Pro received over 200 recommendations and was featured on The World Soccer Weekly Radio network two weeks after the show. Further, after being on the market for only 2 months Soccer Pro has become the fastest selling soccer accessory in the United States. Soccer player can improve their soccer skills with simply soccer drills at home or in the park.

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